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Westport Middle School, formerly known as Westport High School, was founded in October, 1961 as Westport Road High School, on Westport Road on the East Side of Louisville, Kentucky. It currently serves approximately 1300 students in grades 6-8. The Westport Middle School Chorus has grown from 50 singers to over 200 singers in the last several years. It is currently comprised of three choirs - a 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade choir, and is one of the largest middle school choir programs around!

All three choirs are open to any student with a desire to learn and grow, but most importantly, to have fun! Students have a minimum of 5 outside performance opportunities each year, with numerous other in-class performance opportunities throughout the year! 

The Westport Chorus prides itself on performing a wide variety of repertoire at a high standard, as well as performing everything from traditional concerts to rock concerts. All three choirs receive Distinguished Ratings at our annual spring performance assessments, and then finish the year by performing high-energy rock and pop music. By the time students leave the 8th grade, they have had the opportunity to not only develop their musicianship skills, but also develop their own artistic identities. 

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